29 ianuarie 2010

The smelly creep

I was walking home from work yesterday. I tried to take some deep breaths to cool my body so that i won't feel the cold outside. The thing is I was on the main street called Dorobantilor, and with every breath I took I felt more and more tired. I smelled the pollution, my lungs were intoxicated. Have you ever felt the same when smelling the pollution in your city?
The air was unbreathable the pollution is very high in the city because all cars. I choked then I tried to remain calm for a second struggling to take another deep breath of air and the same thing happened again, I choked.
We always find compassion for animals, for trees, for the planet but never think that our ways of life are wrong. The thing is we have to find another way to travel. We could have a new way of traveling. Maglev trains are one of the best and a clean way of traveling fast and safe. As a community member of Cluj-Napoca i don't want laws that obey us from traveling in the center of the city but i want technical solutions to existent problems. As seen the pollution is one of the biggest problems, so any other suggestion to this issue are accepted.