29 ianuarie 2010

The smelly creep

I was walking home from work yesterday. I tried to take some deep breaths to cool my body so that i won't feel the cold outside. The thing is I was on the main street called Dorobantilor, and with every breath I took I felt more and more tired. I smelled the pollution, my lungs were intoxicated. Have you ever felt the same when smelling the pollution in your city?
The air was unbreathable the pollution is very high in the city because all cars. I choked then I tried to remain calm for a second struggling to take another deep breath of air and the same thing happened again, I choked.
We always find compassion for animals, for trees, for the planet but never think that our ways of life are wrong. The thing is we have to find another way to travel. We could have a new way of traveling. Maglev trains are one of the best and a clean way of traveling fast and safe. As a community member of Cluj-Napoca i don't want laws that obey us from traveling in the center of the city but i want technical solutions to existent problems. As seen the pollution is one of the biggest problems, so any other suggestion to this issue are accepted.

28 ianuarie 2010

Briliant new ideea

I don't know about you but when i wake up i need a coffe. How many of you need a coffe right in the morning when they wake up? So the briliant ideea is to hire someone to make the morning coffe. So i am making a company called "Morning coffe makers" to make you coffe every day for some charge. Who is interested?

27 ianuarie 2010

There is still time.

There is stil time to pack your bags. There is still time to live. There is still time to wait for the great match. There is still timpe to obtain your PTO(personal time out). We are going my friend we are going to the match. The great match is awaiting us. 3rd of March here we come. Munchen here we come.
We have the tickets. We are going to the big match.
What do you want from there? What do you need? What in the world we can find in Munchen?
Do you know what we can visit in Munchen? Let us know thx.

17 ianuarie 2010

The Green Mile

In the year of 1999, The Green Mile was released under the signature of the same director and screenwriter who directed The Shawshank Redemption, namely Frank Darabount. The movie is an adaptation after Stephen King's novel with the same name, with a typically King story and a very consistently high-powered supporting cast. It is a 188 minutes drama, with some strong violent scenes and nonetheless it delivers a Biblical allegory, with stupendous performances from some of America's most beloved. It is not difficult to understand that everything Tom Hanks (Paul Edgecomb in the movie) touches becomes a work of art. In supporting this statement, we can easily think about Saving Private Ryan and Apollo 13. Perhaps, one of the most imposing figures in the whole movie is that of Michael Clark Duncan, a very imposing black man, acting the role of a convict, imprisoned for the brutal rape and murder of two little girls. Even if Duncan never played this kind of roles before (one can remember him better from bouncers and football players roles), in Darabount's film we can discover him able of showing great emotional rage and subtle talent for much deeper roles.

16 ianuarie 2010

Dupa 20 de ani:

The world is changing

Am ajuns incet la concluzia ca aceasta lume trebuie protejata, de ea insasi. Uitandu-ma destul de des la earth-touch, am observat cat de frumoasa este aceasta lume.
Aceasta pagina web m-a impresionat foarte mult prin calitatea filmarilor sale. Nu zic ca National Geografic sau Discovery sunt mai slabe, dar ei fac asta pentru bani. Din cate am vazut pe pagina web a celor de earth-touch totul e gratuit(eventual tricourile si alte articole sunt de vanzare)
Vizionare placuta a tuturor filmelor de pe site.